Very Important Activity


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                                         November 3, 2017
          VIA – Very Important Activity
Saturday, November 11, 5:00 p.m. – Meet & Greet Rev. Greg and Kelly Baker
Pizza at 5:00 –  Opportunity to meet the Baker’s, ask questions and listen to Pastor Baker share a devotional.  This is an all-church activity and everyone is encouraged to come meet this family.  Meet in the fellowship area.
They are coming to interview with the possibility of becoming the parsonage family for Winona Church of the Nazarene.  Thus it is a VIA – Very Important Activity.  Would you also please pray for this meeting.
The Bakers will be here on Sunday, November 12, and Rev. Steve Hoffman will be preaching.
Saturday, November 4, 1:00 p.m – Terry Selleck is asking for help to set up the fellowship area for:
All Church Dinner on Sunday, November 5.  Dinner following morning worship.  Good fellowship, excellent food and opportunity to say ‘good-bye’ to the Sickels.  
    Bring – Main dish, enough for your family plus one
               Salad – jello, veggie or fruit
               Drinks & Desserts will be furnished
Blessings and see you Sunday

The Journey With God

                                            October 31, 2107
Sunday’s Message: 10:45 a.m.  ‘The Journey with God‘  Proverbs 4:12 says (NIV) ‘When you walk your steps will not be hampered, when you run you will not stumble.‘  The Hebrew version says it something like this:  ‘As thou goest thy way shall be opened up step by step unto thee.‘  Sunday’s message will be a review of the journey and God’s guidance in that journey.
Sunday Bible Study:  9:30 Sunday mornings
  Adults:  Understanding the Bible:  2nd Kings 22:8-13; Luke 24:44-47 and other passages
  Teens & Children will continue with their individual Bible study
All Church Pot-Luck – Sunday Dinner, the 5th, immediately following the morning worship:
    Please bring:  a main dish – enough for your family plus one
                         and a Salad – jello, fruit or veggie
                         Drinks & Desserts will be furnished
Terry Selleck will be at the church at 1:00 p.m. Saturday – to set up the fellowship area for dinner.  He would appreciate some help.  Join in for good fellowship, great food and some good-byes to the Sickels.
Helpers:  Kari Yearous has said, ‘yes’ she will take the teen class
               Liz Kittleson has said, ‘yes’ she will help with the Sunday bulletin until the new pastor is in place
               Terry Selleck is going to do his best to keep the ‘News & Updates’ going for a while
               (Liz & Terry need your help in giving them news items)
Terry Selleck is the church board secretary – if you need help you can contact Terry or any board member:   
     Members:  Sue Reed, Char Lemke, Vic Noland, Ken Chaffin, John Yearous, Tom Drackley
Time Change is this Sunday – November 5th.  Set your clock(s) back one hour.  At our house the clocks are set back when we get up on Saturday.  Seems to help???
November Birthdays & Anniversaries:
3  –  Duane Downie
3  –  Carissa Drackley
15-  Millie & Pierce Whittenberg
26-  Phil Sorenson
2018 Beautiful Winona Calendars – Excellent photos of our city (thanks Kari) set in a 2018 calendar.  Calendars are $15.00 and all proceeds go to the remodel and upgrade of our facility.  (building fund)
Groups:  Thursday afternoon at the Sorensons, Thursday evening at the church, Noland’s group is in the process of re-organizing.  Questions:  Call Dr. Ken Chaffin
Sickels’ schedule is to be out of the parsonage by Wednesday afternoon, November 8th.  Movers are supposed to deliever their goods to the Des Moines home on Thursday, November 9th.  Your prayers for a smooth transition would be appreciated.
Prayers for our church board and eventual vote of the congregation and for a smooth transition in pastoral arrangements is also requested.  Would you please pray regularly (at least daily) for this process?
Prayer Requests:
Harold Richardson, Jenell Vogel, Randy Vogel, Shirley Czeplewski, Susan Drackley, Phil Sorenson, Char Lemke, all of those are physical needs:
Church Board, Disrict Superintendent, future pastor, one another, – during this time of transition – God has something good in store:  ”I…have plans to prosper you…”  Jeremiah 29:11-12
Chaffins in their search for an associate vet, Yearous’ in the completion of their new house and eventual move, Phil Steffes family.